DHV Records invites producers to upload their demo. We ask that each artist submits no more than two of their best works concurrent with the rules mentioned below. We will listen to all submissions. If we like your production and find it suitable for our label we'll contact you. Please be sure to include your email address in the Comment field of ID3v1 and/or ID3v2 tag within the MP3 file itself, this way we'll have your demo and contact information in a single compact file. If you are not sure how to do this, download a free copy of WinAmp, install it and load your MP3 then double click in the Song Title area to open to ID3 tag window. Type in your email address in the Comment field, fill in the remaining blank fields and click on Update to save it. Thank you!

Rules for demo submissions:

1. MP3's must be your original music or remix work.
2. Encoded in stereo anywhere from 128 to 192kbps.
3. Upload only MP3 files no larger than 30MB each.

When ready to upload click Send once and wait for confirmation.

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